Zeytin is the Turkish word for "olive," that staple of  Mediterranean cuisine.  We bring you the best of the food from Turkey and all of the Mediterranean area.   Our dishes range from a simple shish kebap to an elegant eggplant-draped lamb shank, our desserts from the staple baklava (made in our kitchen, of course) to the decadent kazadibi.  Everything is made to order.  Mediterranean...with a Turkish accent! 
Zeytin Grill Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening, April 2012 
The Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce  joined Kemal for the Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening in April 2012.  Turksih dancers joined the festivities.  Check out the video here.  
Our spacious and casual dining room
You'll feel right at home in our spacious dining room, casual yet elegant.  
The Weekday Lunch Buffet
Hot off the skewer!  
Kemal prepares the appetizers for the groundbreaking of a major downtown Dallas development. 
Our Patio 
Our patio offers not only some cool shade, but also a great view of the canal, complete with ducks and turtles!